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About Us

Apes are innovative, aren't they?

The APE Innovation GmbH is a company that focuses on the good things in life. With our background in science and our expertise in artificial intelligence, we strive to make a positive impact. Our mission is to bring innovation to life.


Consulting Portfolio

Feel free to contact us for workshop ideas, talks or research collaboration as well

Package I: AI Potential

We analyze your workflows on site or remotely. Thereby, our main goal is to facilitate your employee's daily business. This can be achieved by empowering them with suitable AI tools. We discuss options and evaluate acceptance with your employees. All the necessary details will be wrapped in a comprehensive AI potential report.

Package II: AI Decisions

We will delve into your AI Potential Report with the aim of equipping you with the essential insights to guide your implementation decisions. This entails evaluating costs and projecting potential time savings. Additionally, we'll address any legal considerations, licensing requirements, and in-house implementation options.

Package III: AI Integration

We put your decisions into action, assessing the current infrastructure capabilities and providing recommendations for hardware upgrades. Additionally, we provide your IT staff with the knowledge needed to proficiently install and manage (in-house) tools.

Package IV: AI Knowledge Transfer

We train your management level or your staff within a highly customized workshop. The workshop content is pre-agreed upon with you, ensuring it directly addresses your specific needs. We also adjust the workshop based on participants' existing knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

Our area of expertise revolves mainly around artificial intelligence, machine learning and scientific research

Generative AI

Stable Diffusion | Image Generation | Prompt Engineering | Streamlining labor-intensive tasks like writing, coding, and reading

Image Processing

Computer Vision | Automated Quality Assurance | Non Destructive Testing | Anomaly Detection | 3D and 2D Image Data Analysis

AI Infrastructure

Opensource and Inhouse AI Software | AI Integrations | Hardware Requirements Research

Our Team

We bring innovation to life


"live your best life!"

MSc. Machine Learning & Data Analytics
BSc. Software Engineering


"make a positive impact!"

MSc. Computer Science
BSc. Media Computer Science

We stand for NEW WORK

Previous Research

We do #science @Aalen University

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