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About Us

Apes are innovative, aren't they?

The APE Innovation GmbH is a company that focuses on the good things in life. Artificial intelligence being one of them. APE Innovation was founded to serve the world with new ideas. Our mission is to bring innovation into your life.


Areas of Expertise

our area of expertise revolves mainly around artificial intelligence but sometimes we do other cool stuff too

Anomaly Detection

Anomalies significantly deviate from the norm and are often unknown until they occur. Their detection is of great importance in a wide range of areas. E.g., (early) detection of mechanical failure, fraud, crimes, health problems and manufacturing defects. #DefectDetection #OutlierDetection

3D Image Data

3D data is generated and processed in many contexts, e.g., medicine. Medical imaging techniques such as computed tomography create 3D body scans that can be further processed using AI. For instance, for malignant tumor detection. #3DSemanticSegmentation #3DObjectDetection

App Development

Compared to purely native apps, cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase for iOS and Android are developed rather quickly. We preferably build apps with #Xamarin and #Flutter. #AndroidStudio #XCode


Automated re-Identification of individuals and objects is usually performed using image processing. In humans, the face is a common feature used for recognition. In animals, individual coat patterns can be a visible, unique recognition feature. #ReID #FaceRecognition #ObjectRecognition

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing allows checking for anomalies inside the samples without destroying them. That's especially useful for high-value samples like #wafer or #humans. We have experience in automated non-destructive microscopy data evaluation. #SAM #XRay #CT

Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative Data Analysis means extracting insights from information in a comprehensive form. #Reports #Statistics #Measurements

We stand for HARMONY

Our Team

we bring innovation to life. Feel free to contact us for workshops


loves to automate boring stuff

MSc. Machine Learning & Data Analytics
BSc. Software Engineering


strives to make a positive impact

MSc. Computer Science
BSc. Media Computer Science

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we do #science @Aalen University

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